Max has been a part of our lives since I rescued him. He was starved and cold. He quickly became a member of our family. His bouncing personality made him a perfect fit.

The day I came home and found the side gate open my heart dropped. Someone had opened the gate and not closed it. Max was gone. I looked all over our neighborhood to no avail.

A few days later I was talking to my administrative assistant and she told me about The Boxer Rescue and the Lost and Found page on their site. She logged on and filed a missing report.

Just when it seemed it was hopeless, Nanda from Little Lost Dog, saw our ad and emailed me saying there was a Boxer fitting Max’s description and sent us the photo of the boxer at the Broken Arrow Animal Shelter website. There was no doubt that was Max.


I attempted to pick him up that day but they were closed by the time I arrived. The next day I picked him up. He looked as if he hadn’t eaten since he left the house.

I took him straight to our vet clinic for a check up.

With a clean bill of health I took him home to a little boy who’s eyes doubled in size when I pulled Max from the truck. He ran over to Max and gave him a big hug.

Our family was finally reunited after 12 long days.

Today Max plays in the backyard and goes to the River Parks with my son and I. I’m so glad your organization was there to help locate Max. I’m afraid with out you we would never have found him.

Matt, OK